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If you’ve reached this page, it means that you’re marching the extra mile to extend the life of our packaging material. Fist-bump!

Reusing anything helps preserve the resources that went into manufacturing it the first time around, and that’s a win-win in the war against waste.

Here are some ideas to get started with.

The Brown Paper Bag

PS: This bag is recyclable & biodegradable.

Upcycle it into a carry bag.

Just add handles using old shoelaces or strong folded paper.

Reinforce the holes for the handles by glueing on paper squares and punching through them or sticking a strong paper backing behind the folded paper handles.

Cut it open & wrap
stuff with it.

Books, packages, gifts - you name it.

Turn the paper into a canvas or a little book.

Paint on it, draw on it, write on it, plan on it, dream on it.

Use it as a protest sign.

Add some support at the back, your own message on the front, and speak your mind.

The Transparent Bag

PS: This bag is NOT plastic and is 100% compostable.

The usual re-uses.

Carry things in it

Store stuff safely

Pack your shoes in your luggage

Line your trays or shelves

Line your trash cans

The all-weather re-uses.

Create humidity bubbles around your plants

Save shoes from getting muddy

Wrap them around car mirrors and wipers to keep them ice-free

Use it as a wet bag for bathing suits

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