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Moving humanity from fashion conscious to conscious fashion - one GreenPocket™ at a time.

2.16 million metric tonnes of denim are thrown away every year, while fast fashion burns resources to churn out more. We rescue used, high-quality denim and upcycle them with a green pocket, making them your next fashion-meets-activism statement.

When you wear green pocket jeans, this is what you’re screaming to the world.

Fast fashion is choking the planet and we need to give it a breather.

We will upcycle to reduce the strain on Earth's finite resources.

The real difference won’t be made with a few grand gestures, it’ll be made with little acts.

We need to throw away throwaway culture.

Rescued. Restored. Reborn.

Mindfully restored for planet-conscious humans. Our proprietary process means that upcycling a pair of Un jeans requires less than 1% of the water used to manufacture a standard pair of jeans from virgin denim. Our environmental footprint in terms of land use, energy, and CO2e emissions are also a mere fraction of the industry standard.

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Available in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, France, Hungary and Austria

Wear your allegiance.

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