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Wear it. Care for it. Pass it on. Tips about caring for sustainable fashion and upcycled denim.

Un’s guide to denim care

Tips on how to increase the life of your green pocket denim and help reduce the impact your wardrobe has on the planet.

Wear, wear, wear, wear, wear, wear… wash.

Washing your jeans after every wear is not only bad for the planet, it’s harmful to the integrity of your denim. Overwashing wears out the fibres of your denim and reduces their life. So avoid washing after each wear and instead spot clean with a damp cloth.

When washing your denim, follow these four rules.

1. Run a cold wash to preserve the integrity of the fibres.

2. Opt for natural cleaning alternatives as chemicals like bleach and harsh detergents degrade the look and feel of your denim.

3. Always turn your denim inside out to prevent the colour from fading.

4. Choose to air dry instead of tumble dry. This will reduce your carbon emissions by up to 1.8kg.

Patch in style.

It is natural for parts of your denim to wear out with high activity. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up on them yet. Patch them up as creatively as you can and keep them going.

Pro tip.

When you’re pulling your pants up, tug at the waistband instead of the belt loops to preserve the structure of the garment.

Ready to say goodbye to your denim?

Wait! Don’t throw it out just yet. Discarded denim ends back up in the landfills we rescued them from. Instead, drop them off at your closest recycling hub or send them to us during Second Hand September to give your old denim a new life.


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